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Conquer Stress, and Cultivate Calm in Just Four weeks!

Dear friends! I’m excited to invite you to join 

Awaken to Peace

 A 4-week transformational experience helping you to: 

Unlock Inner Serenity

Cultivate Greater Presence & Focus

Learn to Trust Yourself

Establish a Daily Practice to Call Your Own!

Throughout our journey, you'll uncover techniques that effortlessly transform your inner landscape, enabling you to embrace the serenity you desire,

paving the path for inspiration and harmony to flow into your everyday life.

Are you seeking...




During our time together you will experience simple practices

that help you release stress and cultivate calm.


We will explore:





Allowing you to tune into which ones work best for you

and unlocking a daily practice that brings balance to your life. 

Week 1


Learn the number one strategy to transform stress into stillness in 15 minutes a day. 

Week 3


Experience life changing practices to feel more gratitude, joy, and even bliss everyday so you can live a balanced, present life. 

Week 2


Discover proven methods to quickly shift your inner state and deepen your capacity to meet life’s stresses!

Week 4


Experience the foundational tools of the AWAKENED HEART METHOD to discover practices to meet any situation with calm, resilience and clarity.

This is a special introductory invitation to a BETA test group 

for an amazing new program I am creating!  

I would love to have you join us so you can enjoy more 

peace, balance and joy in your life,

while also sharing your feedback with me, 

and if you receive any benefits, a testimonial at the end! 

I’ve designed this experience to give you 

a variety of simple yet effective tools so you can:

Easily shift your mind and body into a state of calm! 

Go from surviving to thriving! 

Experience more joy, peace, and freedom!

I am here to support you to fully embody your radiant, peaceful heart.

Come be with a fabulous group of soulful beings with a shared devotion to

 expansion, connection and discovering inner peace. 

By the end of our time together, you will feel: 

Greater calm and balance. 

Better able to meet the challenges of daily life.

More confidant in your ability to respond from a calm and clear mind.

Excited about feeling more joy, peace, and presence.

Able to tune the radio station of your mind

away from the static to a crystal-clear transmission. 

4-Weeks to Awaken to Peace!

 Thursdays April 11th - May 5th

7-8:30 PM MST

Online with recordings! 


Sign up now for the 




For all

*4 weekly 1 ½ hour live online classes & recordings

*Bonus weekly 30 minute Clarity Breathwork classes 

*Connection with an intimate community of soulful beings 

*Access to my curated meditation playlist!

Claim your space in AWAKEN TO PEACE


What Our Clients Say


Kate Andrews, Chair Personal Fitness Trainer Program (NAIT)

"Although I've dabble in meditation for many years, I didn't feel I was fully engaged in the practice to enhance my life.  Working with Nicole completely transformed my relationship with meditation and being at peace with who I am."

Hello, I'm Nicole

I'm dedicated to guiding you toward a life of peace and balance through breathwork, mediation and repatterning.  I understand the longing for calm and presence amidst the chaos of daily life, as well as the struggle to navigate stress without feeling overwhelmed. Having personally experienced a serious health crisis, I have found specific ways to overcome overwhelm and fatigue. Despite juggling multiple roles as the CEO of a 7-figure business, farmer, chef and author, I've discovered methods to achieve balance, and I'm here to share them with you.

As a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, psychedelic journey assistant, Pacha Kuti Mesa and sound-healing apprentice, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I’ve led sessions at retreats, served as an anchoring guide at festivals, and developed a unique healing modality that integrates breathwork, rewiring limiting patterns and beliefs, and exploring ecstatic states in the body.

I live in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia with my partner where we run a Permaculture Far and Health Food Store as well as hosting workshops and transformational wellness retreats in our ceremonial yurt, the Wolf Moon Temple.   

You deserve to feel empowered and fulfilled!  If you're reading this now and are ready to embrace your true purpose and feel deeply connected and balanced, I am here as your compassionate guide. I believe you are capable of creating the life you desire. Let’s get started now!



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