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Living a sustainable life begins and ends with food production.  
If the supply chain were to stop moving, grocery stores would be out of food within a week!  
Brian and I both were lucky to grow up on farms, a grain farm for Brian and  an orchard for me.
We both love growing things and we are always expanding our food production, animal husbandry and preservation methods. We have numerous garden beds, a large raspberry patch and 2000 garlic in the ground this year. In 2016 we put in a small Permaculture food forest (orchard) with 20 fruit trees along with grapes, shrubs, berries and cover crops.  We built up soil using hugelkulture, lasagna gardening and adding soil amendments.  We grow organically and use kelp, manure and fish fertilizer to feed our plants and neem, nettles and bone salve to deter pests.  We make a LOT of compost (to make up for our lack of topsoil) from the organic juice bar at my store, the coffee grounds from the cafe next door and our COMMUNITY COMPOST PROGRAM.   We raise free range pork, have about 50 chickens for eggs and a handful of ducks.  In 2019 we are putting up a 30x80 GREENHOUSE!  This will be for hemp and food production!

Food Production

Collecting Eggs
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